We are ready to scale clean energy faster while ensuring it’s reliable, competitive and sustainable.
The world is ready to move beyond carbon… Eos is ready to help.

Introducing the Eos Znyth System

A fully integrated DC energy storage system leveraging Eos’ Znyth battery technology. The safe, scalable and sustainable alternative to lithium:

  • Safe in extreme temperatures and non-flammable
  • A scalable design with five widely available materials and no rare earth metals
  • 100% recyclable—more sustainable than batteries with end-of-life disposal issues

With relentless testing and real-world deployments — Znyth has proven to be reliable, durable, long-lasting and cost-competitive. It is ready to do the job.

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Grid-scale energy storage will transform the way we produce, deliver, and consume electricity. With storage, utilities can rely on a cleaner, more efficient energy mix while reducing costs.

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Commercial and industrial facilities face the challenge of managing ever-increasing electricity costs and increasing their power reliability.

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Renewable energy accounts for an increasing portion of our electricity supply, but intermittency is a growing constraint. Energy storage integrates and optimizes these resources to enable higher utilization of clean power generation and transmission.

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