Commercial & Industrial

With the dual value of energy management and backup power, commercial and industrial facilities face the challenge of managing ever-increasing electricity costs and increasing power reliability. Eos energy storage systems provide electricity consumers with a dual economic and reliability value proposition.

  • Energy Management
    By storing inexpensive electricity produced at night and displacing consumption during peak hours of the day, customers can reduce their demand charges and gain significant savings on their electricity bill. Eos energy storage may even qualify for additional incentives offered by utilities for reducing demand in response to strained conditions on the electricity grid.
  • Backup Power
    Eos energy storage can provide limited duration backup power to help customers ride through temporary outages. When combined with solar or other forms of distributed generation, energy storage can enable self-sufficient microgrids that can power a facility for weeks. Think of it as a backup generator with no emissions that saves you money every day.

Commercial & Industrial Use Cases


Onsite Discharge Must Meet Demand

Efficient and inexpensive baseload power and intermittent generation from renewable energy assets is usually off peak: mismatched from the time facilities consume the most energy.

Eos Solution

Peak Shaving and Demand Management

Commercial and industrial operations can use Eos batteries to store excess efficient baseload generation and renewable energy. By discharging during peak hours, Eos allows facilities to optimize the use of efficient and clean energy while reducing expensive demand charges.


Supply Chain Vulnerability

Failure at a critical node or along a major transmission or distribution line could have major impacts on downstream electricity supply, and can result in outages lasting from hours to weeks.

Eos Solution

Eos Enhances Grid Resiliency and Reliability

Storage enables the operation of highly reliable microgrids. With distributed renewable generation and storage, local microgrids ensure a secure power source for the most critical loads.

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