Carlos Restrepo

Chief Technology Officer

Carlos joined Eos as the Chief Technology Officer in September 2021. He leads our Research & Development and Engineering organizations and is responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction for our technology, helping to improve our innovation processes and align our technology roadmap and product development with our business goals to better serve our customers.

Throughout his nearly 20-year career in energy, Carlos developed numerous electrical products and holds more than 30 patents involving electrical engineering innovations. Prior to Eos he spent seven years at Sonnen Inc., a global market leader in smart residential energy storage systems, where he served as Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director.  Prior to this, he was responsible for the U.S. R&D program at Sputnik Engineering, a manufacturer of grid-connected solar inverters.  He held various roles at Siemens Energy and Automation, where he managed a development team composed of engineers, technicians, designers, and development consultants.

Carlos is passionate about supporting the world’s transition to renewable energy and has spent his career demonstrating his commitment to its enablement and advancement. At Eos, Carlos and his team push every day to harness the power of our breakthrough technology to accelerate long-duration clean energy storage to meet the needs of our customers.

Carlos received both his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He and his wife, Aidy, have three children.

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