Jim Hughes


Mr. Hughes has served as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Prisma Energy Capital, a private entity focused on investments in energy storage, since December 2017. He is the former Chief Executive Officer and Director of First Solar, Inc., a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic solar systems which use its advanced module and system technology. He joined First Solar, Inc. in March 2012 as Chief Commercial Officer and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in May 2012. He stepped down as Chief Executive Officer on June 30, 2016 and resigned from the board on September 1, 2016. Prior to joining First Solar, Mr. Hughes served, from October 2007 until April 2011, as Chief Executive Officer and Director of AEI Services LLC, a private company that owned and operated power distribution, power generation (both thermal and renewable), natural gas transportation and services, and natural gas distribution businesses in emerging markets worldwide. From 2004 to 2007, he engaged in principal investing with a privately held company based in Houston, Texas that focused on micro-cap investments in North American distressed manufacturing assets. Previously, he served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Prisma Energy International, with interests in international electric and natural gas utilities. Prior to that role, Mr. Hughes spent almost a decade with Enron Corporation in positions that included President and Chief Operating Officer of Enron Global Assets, President and Chief Operating Officer of Enron Asia, Pacific, Africa, and China, and Assistant General Counsel of Enron International.

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