Steven Warthman

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Steve was appointed Eos’s Chief Supply Chain Officer in June 2022 and is responsible for strategic diversification of Eos’ domestic supply chain and securing long-term customer contracts.  Steve has an extensive 30-year background at global companies, primarily in automotive, aerospace, and custom industrial manufacturing businesses, where he created value through process improvement and performance transformations.

Prior to joining Eos, Steve was Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Operations for ILC Dover.  ILC Dover is the world leader in pharmaceutical soft goods manufacturing and is also responsible for the development and manufacturing of the NASA EVA Spacesuit.  He has held various leadership roles within Dover Corporation and Eaton Corporation where he facilitated manufacturing transformations around lean deployment, supply chain optimization, business system deployment, and building outstanding teams.  He started his career at Ford Motor Company where he worked in Final assembly and deployed the Ford Production System.

Steve has a master’s in business administration from the University of Detroit and a bachelor’s in business administration, majoring in accounting from Eastern Michigan University.

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