A decade in the making, the Eos energy storage systems use proven chemistry with accessible non-precious earth components in a durable design that’s been tested in real world deployments. Eos systems deliver results in even the most extreme temperatures and conditions and are safe, long lasting and 100% recyclable. Most importantly, they are ready to scale.

With 3-12 hours of discharge capability, immediate response time, and modular construction, the Eos systems can be scaled and configured to reduce cost and maximize profitability in utility, commercial and industrial, and military market segments. Eos solutions offer many competitive advantages including a 100% depth of discharge and a wide operating temperature range to enable deployment without the use of dedicated heating or cooling.

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Low cost/kWh

Eos is cost competitive with existing peak generation technologies.

Extreme durability

Designed to last 5,000 cycles for a 15-year calendar life, with no subcooling or pumps required.

High energy efficiency

Up to 80% efficiency in 100% depth of discharge applications, Eos is one of the most efficient non-lithium long duration energy storage solutions.

100% safe

Non-flammable aqueous electrolyte has no flash point and is non-corrosive when shipped.

Energy Block
Eos Energy Block containerized solution is a ISO-standard 20-foot modular, stackable, drop-and-play form factor ideal for outdoor projects up to 10MW.

Indoor Energy Rack
Eos Indoor Energy Rack provides safe and cost-effective energy storage for deployment in large commercial properties.

Power House
Eos Power House solution enables installations of 10MW or more in a dedicated structure with a minimized footprint.

Outdoor-rated enclosure, suitable for field installation from -25 to +40°C

Modular plug-and-play construction for the lowest on-site assembly costs

Convection cooled for installation in an open, canopy or enclosed plant site

Includes Znyth batteries, outdoor-rated enclosure, internal wiring, BMS and a one-year warranty

Znyth® Battery

The core of the Eos energy storage systems is the Eos Znyth (zinc hybrid cathode) battery technology. It employs inexpensive, widely available materials within a robust, scalable design to achieve long life and extremely low cost. Znyth technology is built on 21 patents and patent applications with over 600 claims covering cell configuration and architecture, cathode design and materials, electrolyte and electrolyte additives, battery management systems, and low-cost manufacturing processes. The result is a battery technology with unparalleled performance and market reach.

See Eos summary of patents

Titanium current collector

with proprietary ceramic coating is permanently conductive, non-corrosive, and self-healing.

Aqueous, near neutral pH electrolyte

is non-dendritic and does not absorb CO2, eliminating carbonate clogging issues

Proprietary electrolyte additives and buffering agents

enhance zinc solubility and plating to improve energy density and run-time

Hybridization of cathode chemistries

and electro-active catalysts improves power density and roundtrip efficiency